Our mission is to be the best in every area of our businesses.

Danish Automotive Group was founded in 2013 in collaboration with a number of Danish enterprises and Business Development Center Viborg.

The main focus is to strengthen the internationalization of Danish knowledge and skills, as well as to expand export of Danish products to the automotive industry worldwide.

The participating companies will be stronger in the global competition by sharing knowledge and market access. Danish products are known worldwide for high quality and high security, with a maximum of flexibility and customized solutions. These strengths will be attractive for international customers and business partners in the future.

Quality, innovation and safety are the key values for Danish Automotive Group.

Our goal is to ensure visibility of the wide range of services our members offer to the global automotive industry.

We want to ensure that the automotive industry is aware of our products and services and has knowledge of the solutions and high-end quality we provide. Our collaboration relies on the individual memberĀ“s skills and will at any time support the shared mission of the group.