As a family-owned business, AC Hydraulic A/S takes great pride in the products and service we offer and we are very proud of the fact that our quality allows us to offer the world’s longest warranty in our line of business.  Starting January 1st 2017 all products from AC Hydraulic A/S will be covered by a 10 year warranty on frame, chassis, and steel structures as well as a 3 year warranty on the hydraulic system (pump and cylinder). 

Just as our products offer high performance and quality, so does our warranty. The immense amount of workmanship, testing, and precision fabrication that each of our products receives enables us to maintain our high quality.



The repair or replacement of parts due to defects in material or workmanship. Steel constructions are covered for 10 years - hydraulic systems for 3 years (pump and cylinder).


We have made no changes in terms or claim handling. We simply trust our quality enough to extend the warranty to 10 year / 3 year.


The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, improper maintenance or normal wear and tear.


One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high quality hydraulic lifting equipment is taking a stand at the CV Show for the first time to launch their Inground Lift in the UK market.


AC Hydraulic A/S is a family owned Danish based manufacturer of hydraulic lifting equipment for the automotive vehicle industry, and has been committed to improve safety and working conditions for mechanics worldwide for more than 50 years. Having set up office in the Bolton area and recently appointed Carlo Alaroni as UK Business Development Manager, the company is now focusing on the UK’s automotive vehicle aftermarket sales and service industry.


“We see a growing potential for business development in the UK’s automotive vehicle aftermarket. The CV Show is a great platform for us to create a higher awareness of what we have to offer the British market as well as a perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate how our Inground Lifts differ from standard lifts for commercial vehicles,” Carlo Alaroni comments.


The lift is developed especially to take on the everyday challenges of more and more low-floored commercial vehicles coming in for service work. Among the specific advantages claimed for the lift is that it not only allows the mechanics to gain access to all parts of the vehicle, it also offers a completely flat and obstacle free floor when not in use. With a lifting capacity span of 30-75 tonnes the lift will accommodate every lifting task in a commercial vehicle workshop.


“The lift is so ergonomically designed and so easy to use that it is one of the most effective ways to increase productivity and reduce down time. I have over 35 years’ in-depth experience of the UK’s automotive vehicle aftermarket sales and service industry, and I can honestly say that I have never seen a commercial vehicle lift like this in the UK. It combines all the preferred functions from other types of lifts, and on top of that the investment future-proofs the workshop in the sense that no vehicle will ever be too low to drive on to the lift.


Workshop safety will always be part of the garage agenda and high quality never lets you down – on that note a lot of our products have set market standards on the continent and we hope to win the confidence of UK mechanics as well,” Carlo Alaroni says.


Carlo and the AC team invite CV Show visitors to stop by the AC stand to try the lift, and discuss how AC can help their business grow.


The Inground Lift and a wide range of AC Hydraulic’s high quality lifting equipment, i.e. jacking beams and pit jacks will be exhibited at the CV Show, Stand 4F99.


For further information:

UK Business Development Manager Carlo Alaroni: Tel. +44 (0) 125 747 4737  or Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.

A company with family tradition

JWL A/S was founded by Johannes Wagner Lund in 1963. The three triangles used in our logo is a machine technical expression of high quality and precision. Today the son Niels Kristian Lund is running JWL and securing continuous development. JWL A/S is exporting worldwide.


Made in Denmark

JWL A/S is producing and developing pneumatic equipment, couplings and fittings. Besides the wide range of Air Boy blowguns, you will find new developed products like the Cooling System Flusher and the Sodablaster as well as products like Brake Bleeders, cleaning guns, Air & Water guns, AC Cleaner, Inflating Guns, Sandblasting Guns etc.


Focus on development, quality and delivery on time

We are continuously developing our products and the production is running in the most cost-effective way for both the client and the customer. The durability of our products is first class. Our Air Boy blowguns are being tested for more than 25 million operations.JWL does give 25 years warranty on the valve system in our AirBoy@ blow guns. Delivery on time in a high quality is also among the key words at JWL A/S.


Customer specific solutions - have your own brand

We can offer you our products with your own logo and on request your own packaging.


For the Automotive Industry

Our products are mainly targeted at to the automotive Industry. JWLs pneumatic tools, couplings, hoses and fittings will easy the daily tasks for a mechanic.

From the 9th to 12th of April 2015 you will find us in The Danish Pavilion at the fair.

Danimarka Pavilion Automechanika Istanbul bizi ziyaret edebilirsiniz


Hall 7 booth no. C130


Discover our interest in your business by meeting our hospitality and professional staff at the booth in Istanbul. We will be very happy to introduce you in our world of products and solutions for the automotive industry and you will meet the opportunity to do business with us in the future.

Welcome to The Danish Pavilion Automechanika Istanbul!

By changing name to Hella Gutmann Solutions A/S, Tolerance A/S (Denmark) gets the full responsibility in the German owned group of data strategy and the future development of service and repair data.

As of November 1st 2014, the Denmark-based company, Tolerance A/S, changed its name to Hella Gutmann Solutions A/S. 
This means that Hella Gutmann Solutions A/S will be capable of developing and improving services and repair data equipment for the repair industry throughout Europe.

Read the full press release in English here

The members of Danish Automotive Group are represented at Automechanika 2014 and we will be happy to welcome you at our individual exhibition areas - several places at the fair.

Check out the map to find where we are located at the fair.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.


A broad range of local companies in the Danish automotive industry are now joining forces and have formed Danish Automotive Group to increase their competitiveness and secure growth in the future.

"There are no networks like this in our line of business in Denmark today, so we are treading new ground but I think that this network will make it easier for us to get new costumers to visit us from other countries, because we have such a wide variety of products gathered in one place," says Morten Vammen, CCO at JP Group in Viborg, one of the eight firms in the network.

"At Business Development Center Viborg we are very eager to create the best environment for growth in companies on all levels. In this perspective we are sure that Danish Automotive Group can bring the businesses on the path to new opportunities. Most of all because we are stronger together but also because seen as a whole the products are very attractive in an environment of keen international competition," says Flemming Moeslund Sørensen, advisor for the group on behalf of Business Development Center Viborg.

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DanishAutomotive Group was founded in 2013 in collaboration with a number of Danish enterprises and Business Development Center Viborg.
The cluster is a dynamic group, constantly looking for areas of growth and innovation. This search begins at a personal level and grows into all aspects of our business areas. All members contribute with knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of the automotive industry in the future.