Our client was working for a new technical school for welding. There are many small welding cabins, and there isn’t much space. Therefore we suggest the Geovent compact arm. With the telescope function offers the compact arm the perfect balance between the extraction capacity from larger arms and the easy maneuverability from smaller arms. Regards to energy savings and the knowledge that not each welding place will weld at the same time – we advised to choose our automatics. The one automatic is the Power Box which is installed on each welding place. That insures the automatically start/stop for the fan and the damper. The other automatic is the Multibox which gives the frequency inverter a signal to regulate the speed. Finally 6 filter units GFB2 12-4 which are isolated and special painted.

Well done!

Geovent products: More than 40 x Power Boxes and Compact arms, 6 x GeoFilter GFB2 12-4, 1 x Multibox

See more at www.geovent.com or call +45 8664 2211

Workshop equipment specialist AC Hydraulic is on hand at the CV Show with guidance for workshop operators on how best to select your vehicle lifting equipment.

UK Business Development Manager Carlo Alaroni hopes to create a higher awareness of what the AC Hydraulic brand has to offer workshops in the U.K.  
“We strongly believe that efficiency goes hand-in-hand with the quality and design of the lifting equipment your mechanics depend on every day. AC Hydraulic offer a broad range of quality lifting equipment that is more versatile and simpler to operate helping workshops run a more productive and profitable workplace.”, he explained.  
“Our range of pit jacks for example is designed to fit every size of pit, whilst offering a wide range of lifting capacity requirement. For the workshops, this means greater flexibility to choose an efficient pit jack that ensures the workforce stays productive and safe.  
“We also offer the world’s longest warranty on lifting equipment. All our products are covered by a 10 year warranty on frame, chassis, and steel structures as well as a 3 year warranty on the hydraulic system (pump and cylinders). The longer the warranty the higher the quality – it almost goes without saying.” he continued.
“In my experience quality will always beat low price when it comes to product life efficiency. Hydraulic lifting equipment is a key workshop purchase and long term investment, so when you invest make sure you choose quality products with long product lifetime that will work efficiently for you year in and year out. In the short run you might think you are saving money if you buy the cheapest equipment, but when it breaks down or malfunctions you will have to replace it.”
“Also, if workshop safety is your highest priority, quality will be your best choice. Buying quality pit jacks will automatically optimize working conditions and minimize the strain for your mechanics. AC pit jacks are designed with safety features and user safety in mind, this means that using equipment like our air hydraulic twin ram pit jack with automatic and instant mechanical safety locks will  not only ensure  user safety, but  give better efficiency  helping to keep your operation running safely and at full capacity at all times.”
Drop by the AC Stand at the CV Show - Hall 4, stand F99 to view the full range of AC Hydraulic lifting equipment. Carlo and the AC team will be on hand at the show, they all have extensive on the ground knowledge about the daily challenges you face as a modern day workshop, and can advise on which piece of lifting equipment is best suited to your workshop business needs. Come and try the equipment for yourself, visit the stand and get hands on with live demonstrations throughout the day.                                                          

We carry more than 18.000 quality spare parts, exhausts and accessories for European and Asian vehicles in the JP Group Line program, of which 8000 parts are new.

You will find a lot of useful information in our Product Information Brochure, not about the product groups only, but also about focus product groups with all their advantages, covering the European car park, warranties, part numbers and much more. You will find an overview of the sub product groups covering all European and Asian vehicles, as well as the ones covering German vehicles with focus on VAG in the brochure.

We have updated our profile brochure "STRONG FAMILY", where you can read all about JP Group, the history, our brands, the webshops and much more...

Read the Product Information brochure here
Read our profile brochure "STRONG FAMILY" here

At this workshop they wanted to hide their electrical Hose reels under the fine white ceiling.

The installation was fitted nicely which gave an exclusive result.

At Volvo Construction in Taulov, they had a problem with exhaust gas extraction from the many different machines. The many different shapes and sizes of the exhaust pipes, leads the gas in different directions, which resulted in a system that wasn’t used.
They wanted a nozzle, which could be used on all types of exhaust pipes. This was a difficult task, but Geovent made a special type of nozzle, which could be lowered downwards without damaging the machines.

Further more a small crane, operated by a wireless remote control, was designed, which made it easy to wind the hose and nozzle up or down, when in use. Everything was fitted to their existing channel duct solution from 2001, which is mounted on 360° turn able ground columns.

At DSB (The Danish National Railways) they had a challenge with exhaust gas from their diesel locomotives. The hoods, they were using were not working properly, which resulted in exhaust gas polluting the air in the garage. The airflow was to low and the hood was not designed to do the job properly.
MOE Engineers contacted Geovent to get advice and help, in order to find the right solutions. Geovent offered 24 electrical controlled hoods, with motorized telescopic function, designed to extract diesel fumes. It means, when the train drives into the maintenance garage, the hoods are automatically lowered to a position right above the exhaust pipe of the train and all gas is extracted effectively. When the staff is done servicing the train, the hood automatically winds up below the roof and the train can leave the garage.

This solution was approved by MOE Engineers and the project was an open tender and E. Klink won the job. At first, a prototype was installed and tested, and after a few corrections, production and installation could begin.

During the process, there has been an open and positive dialog between all parties, which has ended up with an excellent result and a pleased customer.

Once again, an example, that Geovent is not only good at standard solutions, but also capable of solving special requests.

Do you want your Customers' tires and wheel rim to live longer?

At Lunds Auto in Denmark, there was a problem with condensation in the container, where the customers' winter and summer tires and wheel rim are stored.
The tires represents a large worth and the optimum state for tires and rims is a dry and dark environment, so the humid climate in the container could damage the wheels.
We installed a Dehumidifier in the container, and now the container is dry even though the temperature is app. Same inside as the outside temperature. These containers are not isolated or heated.
As you can see on the pictures from Lunds Auto, the container, tires and wheel rim are perfectly dry.

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JWL has developed a new sodablaster.

Sodablasting is a very gentle method for blasting as it is not damaging anything (hull, seals, glass etc.).

The sodablaster is equipped with a practical, refillable container and it is suitable for hobby as well as professional use.

JWL Sodablaster 2 has the following advantages compared to the previous version:


- The steel nozzle is preset and ready for use

-  Very simple to operate for the end-user

-  The end-user can easily change the nozzle

-  There is a flat nozzle available as accessory. It is a high-performance nozzle with a wider blowing area


As a family-owned business, AC Hydraulic A/S takes great pride in the products and service we offer and we are very proud of the fact that our quality allows us to offer the world’s longest warranty in our line of business.  Starting January 1st 2017 all products from AC Hydraulic A/S will be covered by a 10 year warranty on frame, chassis, and steel structures as well as a 3 year warranty on the hydraulic system (pump and cylinder). 

Just as our products offer high performance and quality, so does our warranty. The immense amount of workmanship, testing, and precision fabrication that each of our products receives enables us to maintain our high quality.



The repair or replacement of parts due to defects in material or workmanship. Steel constructions are covered for 10 years - hydraulic systems for 3 years (pump and cylinder).


We have made no changes in terms or claim handling. We simply trust our quality enough to extend the warranty to 10 year / 3 year.


The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, improper maintenance or normal wear and tear.