Local Exchaust

Custom or standard solutions for local exhaust ventilation and process extraction to cater to ventilation and extraction needs in auto repair shops, auto test facilities, emergency vehicle garages as well as production facilities. 
Geovent supply extraction for all the polluting processes in the garage: Inspection pit ventilation, grinder dust extraction, welding extraction and exhaust extraction. Our components and systems enable us to manufacture local exhaust ventilation systems for exhaust gas from passenger cars, lorries, contractor machinery and other vehicles. Our product range spans from hose reels to exhaust duct channel systems. 
For room ventilation purposes at garages or other production facilities we market the so-called Galvanised Roof Top Unit with heat recovery (GRTU) which is characterized by its high performance and efficiency. The unit comes with an air flow of up to either 3800 m3/h or 4500 m3/h. 
With its highly energy efficient rotary heat exchanger the GRTU recovers up to 84% of the heat from the extracted air and reuses it to preheat the fresh supply air. The GRTU – being Decentralised ventilation – does not require expensive ductwork as it is installed on the roof directly above where it is needed which gives you more ventilation for your money. 
Today Geovent develop and sell custom solutions for ventilation and extraction on markets across Europe. 
With the increased focus on environment and resources, we do our best to help you save energy and to provide your employees with a clean and healthy work environment. 
That is common sense – for your employees and your business. 
Complete product range and further information at: www.geovent.com